Vasily Andreevich Kuzmin

Composer, theorist, arranger, musicologist, private tutor, music typesetter, proofreader

Hello! I am very grateful to you for visiting my site.
I have a fairly specific range of activities, and therefore I would like to explain to you what is included in the range of my interests.

1. Composer, arranger.
I write music with a certain classical stylistic bias.
Special attention is paid to writing polyphonic multi-part cycles of works.
Among the expected ones, for example:

  • 24 preludes and fugues for piano, opus 1;
  • Suite for harpsichord and string orchestra, opus 4;
  • Organ Fantasy and Fugue, opus 18;
  • Symphony No. 2, opus 90; etc.

2. Theorist, musicologist.
You may have a question — why are so many epithets "hung" on the profile of a 23-year-old youth?
I agree that this makes us doubt the correctness of the information provided.
The fact is that I do music theory and practice on my own. I have at various times had both College training and private classes with professionals. But now, apparently, it's time to sum up all your knowledge and record the accumulated experience in the form of a text. If there are any qualitative considerations-I will definitely inform you here (on the site)!

3. Private tutor, music typesetter, editor.
Students, of course, are rare (especially recently). But having such free time allows me to prepare for the next lesson and the student very thoroughly. The acquired practical skills of productive interaction with programs for a set of notes allow you not to lose shape when working with music.


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